Dropnoise Baby & Toddler Hearing Protection Earmuffs, 0 to 3 Years Old


  • PROTECT YOUR BABY FROM NOISE: Loud sounds can be quite harmful for children. Protect your child’s precious hearing during the crucial early developmental years with Dropnoise Hearing Protector. Designed and built for children of ages 0 to 3, these noise-reduction earmuffs provide optimal hearing protection for your little one.


  • MAXIMUM COMFORT: Thicker than most ear pads, the skin-friendly soft leather outer layer combines with a dense foam pad to protect delicate ears and make them painless to wear for long periods of time.


  • LIGHTWEIGHT and PORTABLE: Weighing at just 118 grams, Dropnoise hearing protectors are perfect for sporting events, concerts, weddings, movies, formula one races,  fireworks, and noisy neighbours. Protect little ears from big noises! No matter the noise. A bonus tote drawstring canvas bag provides great convenience and helps kids stay organized.


  • BUILT TO LAST: The headbands are made of high-quality composite ABS soft sound-absorbing material, which can withstand high-strength distortion and abuse.


  • ADJUSTABLE AND SAFE: Ergonomically designed adjustable headband for babies and toddlers aged from 3 to 36 months. Dropnoise earmuffs fit snugly on the small and soft heads and provide the undisrupted sleep time. Dropnoise hearing protectors are certified BPA-FREE, designed to be safe for babies and built without any metal parts that can be harmful to babies.


Weight 0.118 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 10 cm

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