DROPNOISE 10-Pack Self-adhesive Professional Acoustic Foam Panels (Pyramid)


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Transform your space with DROPNOISE Acoustic Foam Panels, the ultimate solution for managing unwanted reverberations and enhancing sonic clarity. Designed to reduce resonance without completely deadening sound, these acoustic foam tiles are perfect for placing on reflective surfaces to absorb mid and high-frequency reverberations.

Ideal for a variety of environments including utility rooms, medical facilities, recording studios, and more, Dropnoise Acoustic Foam Panels excel in improving room acoustics. For lower frequencies, pair them with acoustic foam bass traps (sold separately) placed strategically in room corners.

Whether you’re optimising a recording studio for pristine sound or creating a peaceful environment in medical facilities, Dropnoise Acoustic Foam Panels offer a versatile and effective acoustic solution. Elevate your auditory experience with enhanced sound properties in every setting you choose to install them.

Elevate Your Sound Experience – Enhance your acoustic environment with our premium Acoustic Foam Panels, designed to effectively absorb noise pollution by eliminating echoes and background sounds. Unlike soundproofing, which blocks sound, our acoustic foams control reverberation, ideal for studios, recording booths, control rooms, and radio studios.

Superior Quality – Crafted from flexible, professional-grade acoustic foam, our panels ensure consistent and reliable sound absorption performance. The dense yet resilient material deletes standing waves and flutter echoes, offering optimal acoustic clarity in any setting.

Reduce Stress, Enhance Comfort – Large rooms with high ceilings often suffer from echoes that distort conversations. Our acoustic foam panels mitigate these issues by absorbing unwanted sounds, improving overall clarity and reducing stress-inducing noise pollution.

Amplify Entertainment – Perfect for recording studios and theatres, our acoustic foam panels effectively absorb sound across all frequencies, enhancing the quality of sound reproduction. Experience clearer audio for professional recordings or immersive listening environments.

Effortless Installation – Lightweight and versatile, our panels are easy to install on a variety of surfaces without the need for special tools. Transform your space into an acoustically balanced haven effortlessly.

Transform your space with our Acoustic Foam Panels and enjoy superior sound absorption for unparalleled acoustic performance.



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Dimensions 30 × 30 × 4 cm