Yogasleep (Originally Marpac) Hushh For Baby, Portable White Noise Sound Machine


  • Soothing sound – cradles baby in a consistent, adjustable sound to promote restful sleep cycles.
  • Sound masking – masks everyday noises, so you don’t have to worry about anyone (or anything) waking baby!
  • 3 Sound options – time-tested by the sound specialists at Marpac, these sounds promote sleep and mask noise: bright white noise, deep white noise, or gentle surf.
  • Portable – simply fasten Hushh to a stroller or car seat using the included baby-safe clip or place it on any surface. The simple interface is easy to use and operate with one hand.
  • Child lock – offers the ability to lock Hushh at a desired setting and volume to prevent younger hands from altering the sound or turning the unit off.
  • Amber LED nightlight – provides just enough light to see by without causing wakefulness for parent or baby.
  • Rechargeable – convenient USB charging (USB cable included).


  • Dimensions: 89mm x 46mm x 97mm



Hear a sample:

Bright White Noise| Deep White Noise| Gentle Surf


Product Documents

Introducing Hushh.

From Marpac (rebrand as Yogasleep), makers of the beloved Dohm for Baby white noise machine, comes Hushh, a portable white noise sound machine designed to help baby fall asleep and stay asleep anywhere. Hushh cradles your baby in soothing sound to create a comforting, consistent sound environment for sleep. Throughout night-time or naptime, it masks disruptive noises to promote longer, more restful sleep cycles.

Finally, a portable white noise sound machine to help baby fall asleep and stay asleep anywhere!


Note: USB power adaptor will not be included in the package.


Common FAQs

What is the battery life of Hushh?

A full charge on the Hushh will last up to 8 hours, depending upon which setting you’re using. Please note that the nightlight uses much more battery power than the sound, and that higher volume = faster battery drain.

Is it ok to run the unit while it is being charged?

It is also possible to run these units while they are plugged in.

What is the best decibel setting for my infant/child?

For all users, we recommend placing the machine at least 91cm away from the sleeper’s head. This is mostly to allow the sound to fill the room for the best possible sound masking, but it also serves to ensure that the sound will not be too loud. At a distance of 1.98m, we measure the dB level of the Dohm’s loudest setting at 52.5 dB and of our lowest setting at 41.5 dBA. For comparison sake, know that a quiet whisper measures 40 dB and rainfall measures 50dB.

Is there any difference between Hushh and the Rohm?

The Hushh has a few features that are baby specific that the Rohm does not have. The Hushh locks so baby can’t raise the volume and hurt tiny ears. The Hushh also has a night light that the Rohm does not. Furthermore, the Hushh has a clip to go on strollers, carseats, etc. The Rohm has a lanyard. The lanyard is a potential choking hazard on a “baby” item.

What is white noise?

White noise is a constant sound which can block out noises across a wide range of frequencies, steadily and at a lower volume than non-white noise. What our years of experience have taught us is that all white noise is not created equal, and we strive to make ours the best.

Can this be used internationally with an adapter, or will it blow out?

You can use it anywhere – you charge it using a USB cable.

What is the warranty coverage?

Dropnoise warrants its sound machine products (with exceptions as indicated below), to the original purchaser, to be free of defects for the duration as specified from the date of purchase. This limited warranty covers all parts and/or workmanship against defects or breakage in normal intended use. This limited warranty does not cover damage caused by accidental dropping, rough handling (e.g. buttons stuck or jammed), or misuse of the product, including tampering, or the application of electrical power other than that listed on the label. Altering or tampering with the label will also void this warranty. This limited warranty covers the products for use in the country they were purchased from. Should you attempt to use this product in another country, warranty will be void.

Technical Note: This sound machine is intended for portable use and must be turned off and unplugged every 14 days. If not turned off and unplugged, the unit may freeze or experience impacts to performance.

Weight 0.245 kg
Dimensions 8.9 × 4.6 × 9.7 cm

3 month Warranty


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