Baby Shusher – The Soothing Sleep Miracle for Babies


1. Rhythmic Shush: This is a doctor-approved and thoroughly tested technique designed to break a baby’s cry spell and engage their natural calming reflex. The rhythmic shush reminds baby of being inside mom, where they were inundated 24 hours a day with loud sounds of blood flow and other in utero noises (up to 95 dBs, or the sound of a very loud vacuum cleaner). What may sound harsh at first is actually very calming to a baby.

2. Shusher Timer Options: To give you full control of the Baby Shusher, there are two easy Timer Options that allow you to play the rhythmic shush for fifteen or thirty minutes. So whatever situation you find yourself, you make the call!

3. Volume Control: It’s important that the volume of the shush is louder than baby’s cry. You can choose how loud to play the shush, and adjust the volume as you need to.

3. Versatile and Portable: Because we know that baby’s will cry anywhere, your Baby Shusher is small, compact, and easy to keep clean, meaning that you can use it in the car, when visiting friends and family, or when doing the everyday important things like grocery shopping or catching up with friends.


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Safely stop baby from crying! Perfect gift for baby shower or for any new parent

A revolutionary tool for parent that uses an ancient, but doctor-tested and approved rhythmic shushing technique to help soothe your fussy baby. Get some much needed sleep, for you and baby! The Baby Shusher stops crying by engaging the natural calming reflex of your baby.

  • Safe to use on newborns and up
  • Parenting Technique from “The Happiest Baby on the Block”;
  • Plays loud, rhythmic shushing Noises
  • Built-In sound sensor
  • 2 timer options: 15 or 30 minutes
  • Strap Included
  • BPA Free
  • 2 AA batteries included
  • Perfect babyshower gift!

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15 Days Warranty

15 Days Warranty


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