Baby Girl Shower Bundle Gifts (*FREE Same-Day Delivery)

Looking for a practical yet thoughtful gift? Look no further. Welcome your friend’s or loved one’s newborn baby girl in this world with a list of our popular products we have put together. What’s more, enjoy free SAME-DAY delivery when you placed the order and made the payment before 12pm daily (including weekends).


  • Baby Banz Earmuff – Protect the baby hearing be it in a noisy environment or on the plane
  • My First Sunglasses – Protect the baby eyes from the damaging UV rays with 100% anti-UV polarised impact resistive lens
  • Marpac Hushh – Mask surrounding noises and help the baby to sleep better, even in noisy environments
  • My Swim Baby Sun Hat – Protect the delicate skin of the baby from the harmful sun rays
  • Baby Shusher – Break baby’s cry spell and soother her to sleep
  • Baby Banz Sun Hat – Replacement for My Swim Baby Sun Hat when it is sent for the wash
  • Ear Band-It Headband – Protect the baby’s ear from ear infection due to the water activities



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